Northern Leaf FACILITY

Undoubtedly one of the finest in Europe

Northern Leaf has the latest systems in place to control the temperature, humidity, light exposure and nutrition of the plants, allowing for the efficient cultivation of high-quality, high-THC crops in a variety of strains.

Our Product Processing Areas (Dehydration, Trimming and Packing) have been designed and built to EU-GMP standards using the highest quality materials combined with leading HVAC installations.

Maintaining the highest standards

Robust security measures

Security is paramount to ensure protection of both our crop and our employees.

Our principal objective is to ensure that unwanted people, who would seek to cause harm to individuals or steal property, are stopped from entering the Facility.

Highly robust measures are in place to safeguard the business including significant CCTV coverage, computer-controlled door locks, multiple intruder detection systems and remote monitoring.

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