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Quality Assured Product

The Seed-to-sale process is supported by extremely robust protocols coupled with first class Standard Operating Policies and Procedures.



Always striving to produce the highest quality product

Northern Leaf’s goal is to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products that not only meet, but exceed both customer and applicable statutory/regulatory requirements.

To achieve this goal, Northern Leaf is focused on developing a culture of continual improvement based on several key elements, including Regular internal audits and reviews, robust and fit for purpose employee training and Process Engineering to continually assess and improve efficiencies.


Internal Audits & Reviews

We look at our practices and procedures, take out ones that are no longer working and improve those that are working, but could be more efficient.


Process Engineering

Process improvement leading to increased efficiency and optimisation.


Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Programme ensures that everyone is involved, not just the “Quality Department” in ensuring that all aspects of the Northern Leaf operation continue to meet regulatory quality and all product compliance expectations for commercial supply.

Employee Training

  • Northern Leaf has developed a robust training framework with the goal of developing talent in all areas of the business with particular emphasis on the compliance aspect, necessary as part of retaining our GMP Qualification.
  • The Company takes a proactive approach to training the appropriate staff to ensure compliance with regulations and legislation – plus internal policies and procedures.
  • Full training records will be available to both Customers and Government bodies to demonstrate the right people know the right information.

Employee Training Details

We believe training is fundamental throughout employee engagement. Our focus is on:

Introduction day (key elements)

Process training (relevant processes for function; defined in their job description)

Efficient and effective change management - ensuring employees adopt change with ease

Training following introduction of new processes/process changes

Follow up – we’ll ask for feedback