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Pioneering medicinal cannabis cultivation in Jersey

Northern Leaf operates at the highest standards, cultivating inside our modern and compliant glasshouse, using the latest traceability systems coupled with highly robust protocols and policies.


About Northern Leaf

Northern Leaf strives to operate at the highest manufacturing standards

Northern Leaf was awarded a license to cultivate hemp in October 2019, followed by a licence to cultivate medical cannabis in December 2020.

The Company completed the construction of a high end 100,000 sq. ft. facility in mid-2020 and began cultivation of hemp flower in the same year.

Set to shortly achieve both EU GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practice) qualifications, Northern Leaf is partnering with UK and European cannabis distributors/processors in order to supply high-grade products for scientific and medicinal purposes.


Experienced Management Team

Northern Leaf is powered by a management team selected for their extensive knowledge of the hemp and medicinal cannabis industry. Together they are driving the business forward to be at the forefront of building a new globally relevant industry on the island of Jersey.